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Referral Program

At Fantasy Club, rewarding creators for their contributions to the platform is of the utmost importance. After all, we wouldn’t exist without your hard work and dedication to your craft and your audience. Referrals are an integral part of building a thriving community which is why we’ve decided to offer you 5% lifetime commission on…

Subpoena Policy

Law Enforcement and Subpoena Policy Last Updated: 4/18/2023 Fantasy Club, LLC is the operator of http://www.fantasy.club and all affiliated websites (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, etc.). We maintain operational policies prohibiting the disclosure of customer information without the customer’s express consent except as required to comply with a court order, search warrant, summons, subpoena, or other…

Streaming Rules

Here at Fantasy Club, we want to provide a space where everyone can express themselves to the fullest while building a thriving business. To do that, there are a few regulations we must follow as a platform to remain compliant with our payment processors and create a positive site culture. This list is not exhaustive…

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