Fraud & Chargeback Policy

  1. In cases of suspected fraud, if the customer reaches out prior to requesting a chargeback and we are able to reasonably confirm the fraudulent activity, we issue a refund to the affected customer via the original payment method
  2. In cases of suspected or confirmed fraud that leads to chargebacks, we investigate internally via means of IP tracking and transaction pattern analysis
  3. We utilize cutting-edge RDR technology provided by Visa and Verifi through our credit card processing provider to detect potentially fraudulent transactions and stop them before they occur 
  4. User accounts who are found to be using stolen credit cards or other information will be terminated immediately with no option to appeal 
  5. Creators who are found to be complicit in fraudulent behavior including but not limited to stolen credit cards or hacked accounts will be terminated immediately with no option to appeal
  6. We report all confirmed instances of fraudulent activity to the relevant local and national authorities who may have jurisdiction, in addition to government agencies including the FBI and Internet Crime Complaint Center as recommended by the CCIPS ->