Referral Program

At Fantasy Club, rewarding creators for their contributions to the platform is of the utmost importance. After all, we wouldn’t exist without your hard work and dedication to your craft and your audience. Referrals are an integral part of building a thriving community which is why we’ve decided to offer you 5% lifetime commission on ALL referrals made during beta! 

What does this mean?

If you generate a referral code and a customer or creator uses it to sign up for the site during beta, you will receive 5% of their sales and transactions for LIFE! 

I can refer customers *and* creators?

Yes, that’s right! You receive 5% of sales and transactions from creators AND customers you refer! This 5% is based on the total transaction amount, and comes out of our portion of the commission percentage.

How do I create a referral code?

You can generate referral codes using the “Referrals” tab which is located in your right-hand sidebar menu within the creator dashboard. Once you create a code, you can copy and paste a link either to your profile or the homepage which will automatically track that person when they sign up. 

Why should I create multiple referral codes? 

You will be able to use different codes to track referral performance throughout various platforms and avenues. This can be valuable data to utilize for your business! For example, you could create one referral code specifically for Twitter, one for Reddit, and one for in-person QR codes for events – you’ll then be able to use the different referral codes to see where you’re getting more signups and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. 

When will I see the benefits?

You’ll start to see these earnings kick in on September 1st once platform commissions go into effect. You can read more about that here! [link] Since creators are keeping 100% of their earnings until September 1st, we will begin paying out commissions on all sales and transactions that take place from September 1st onward. We expect to be in beta through the end of 2023, so there are plenty of opportunities to generate ongoing passive income for yourself during this time!

How do the referral codes work?

Referral codes attach a “cookie” to the person who clicks the link. This is something to be mindful of – these codes work as long as the other person hasn’t cleared their browser cookies. This means whenever possible you’ll want to encourage them to use the link with your referral code appended directly before they plan to sign up. 🙂 

Start creating the community you want to see, building your referral network, and setting yourself up for success on Fantasy Club!