Streaming Rules

Here at Fantasy Club, we want to provide a space where everyone can express themselves to the fullest while building a thriving business. To do that, there are a few regulations we must follow as a platform to remain compliant with our payment processors and create a positive site culture. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as needed. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must comply with all applicable laws in your region.
  2. No hate speech, harassment, bullying, or otherwise abusive behavior.
  3. No violence, mutilation, or other forms of non-consensual bodily harm. 
  4. No guns, knives, tasers, or other weapons.
  5. No non-consensual activity.
  6. No visible drug or alcohol use, even if it is legal in your region.
  7. No visible pets.
  8. No babies, children, or minors of any kind present in the room.
  9. No blood, vomit, or excrement.
  10. No sleeping or presenting the appearance of sleeping/losing consciousness.
  11. Verification through Performers+ is required for all performers on stream. Contact us if you would like to add someone for a partner or group show.
  12. Explicit streams (streams featuring nudity below the waist, urine, or ejaculate of any kind) must be marked as such using the available toggle on the stream dashboard.
  13. Video game feeds are permitted on stream so long as you are in free chat. If you enter a paid chat mode (PPM or PPV), the game feed must be disabled.