Music You Can Play On Stream

We want our livestream shows to be dynamic and fun. We want it be a reflection of who we are. What better way than to add music?

Playing music without paying the creator in a commercial space can land not only you but the platform you are on in HUGE trouble. There have been many lawsuits where record labels argued (and won!) stating that the music in a video or livestream is what made viewers want to pay the performer.

Wait a second… VIDEO GAME AUDIO!?!

This is a tricky subject but in general, video game companies have no problem with people playing their games on livestream. This includes the audio from the game. When it comes to music that isn’t in the game though? Things can get pretty tricky. This is why music on playback of streams can often times be silent on Twitch.

The Solution?

To ensure that no one ends up in hot water, we have com

Royalty Free Music. But where to get it?

One of the safest and easiest ways of doing this is using Spotify and searching Royalty Free Music. Using the OBS Overlay, you can ensure that you give credit to artist (most royalty free music comes from artists who would appreciate the exposure).

Make sure you follow the above first and then you can enjoy this playlist from Spotify! (


There are services like Monstercat and Pretzel Rocks where you can also give attribution to the musicians but be sure to check their terms of service. If you are doing anything Not Safe For Work, they can be finicky on whether or not they will allow you to continue using their music. Get it in writing (email) from them that they are ok with you using their music with your type of content.