How to Live Stream Using OBS

Most livestreaming platforms allow you to connect using OBS. OBS stands for Open Broadcast Software and it is 100% free.
You can download it at

Major production studios use OBS, huge influencers and beginners! It may look like there are a ton of options but don’t worry, it is far simpler than it would seem.

The screen that you are looking at is what is called a ‘Scene’. You have to add elements to this screen for you to see anything. This screen is basically a preview of what your viewers will see as well.

For a basic set up, here is a short video showing you how to set up and use OBS.

Advanced OBS Tips

To connect to Fantasy Club, you will need a stream key. This resides within your account settings. DO NOT GIVE THIS OUT TO ANYONE OR THEIR FEED WILL APPEAR ON YOUR ACCOUNT!

Now that you have the basics, there are a few things you can do to make your stream more interactive.

Using the text feature, you can write tipper’s name on your screen. You can create cute overlays as well. In between streams, play with your screen to see how you can personalize it. Ask questions, put up random facts, place a looping video etc.

Another awesome feature is that you show your screen with OBS. This is particularly fun when showing Yes/No random wheel response games.

You can also have several video sources. Drawing, playing a board game or doing something where two different camera sources would be of help? You can have multiple video screens running at one time.

OBS also saves your settings. This means if you stream anywhere else, you may want to TRIPLE CHECK before clicking to Start Stream. We are pretty relaxed here at Fantasy Club but other livestreaming sites aren’t. Always check to see your settings, even if you are very sure the last place you streamed was on Fantasy Club.

OBS also allows you to record both while livestreaming but also even if you aren’t. This is great for making clips if you need a larger view finder and also if you want to sell access to your streams later on.