Our Philosophy

We believe that you, the creator, are the reason we’re all here. Our goal is to allow you to innovate in live streaming, by freeing you from arbitrary, stigma-based restrictions. Unlike other platforms that generate revenue with commercial partnerships, which come with content restrictions, we only monetize your content. We only make money when you make money – the way it should be.


A tip is an user-initiated instant, one-time transfer of bits from them to you. Users are able to send you tips at any time – even when you’re not live. There is always a Tip button on your watch/profile page regardless of the current Monetization Mode.

Show Modes

Every time you start streaming on our platform (we call it a Show) you choose how to monetize it. And, your choice can change over time as your show changes and develops. It might start as a Free chat and then become a PPV exhibition – for instance. It’s up to you! Set and change the monetization mode however seems most appropriate for your show at any time.

Your show will be displayed on the homepage and be searchable by various other means at all times. – regardless of the Monetization Mode it is in. However, only a single, recent screen capture will be visible. The only way to watch your video and chat with you will be to enter your show’s watch page.


This the default mode for all newly created shows. This is for free, open to the public, content. Users do not even need an account on our site to watch these shows. It is a good way to find followers & fans. Free shows appear on the homepage of our website.

PPM (Pay-per-Minute)

In this mode, you set an amount of bits per minute that each viewer will be charged while they watch your channel. The users will be shown a message above your stream indicating that it is PPM content and bits are being deducted. If a User chooses not to continue, they will have to navigate away from your watch page.

PPV (Pay-per-View)

This mode is used to collect a single payment from each viewer to watch the rest of your show. Once you enter this mode, every User watching will be shown a pop-up and asked if they would like to pay that amount or not, if they choose to pay the pop-up will disappear and they can continue viewing like normal – otherwise they will be directed back to the homepage. Once a User has paid this amount, your show will be viewable by them until it is ended.


No below the waist nudity is allowed in “free chat.” Below the waist nudity is only allowed when “Pay-Per-view” or “Pay-Per-Shows” are in progress. Below the waist nudity in free areas will result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent closing of your account for repeat offenders.