Model and Creator Success Overview

Where to get started as a performer?
What should a model do to get started?

It can be hard to know where to start as a cam artist BUT, this quick guide will give you some pointers on where to start. Be sure to check out our other articles for more in depth information into more technical topics.

In the meantime, take a deep breath and let’s get into this!

Cam Gear: What You Need!

To get started, you of course need a webcam but there are a few more things that you may want to consider. Remember that as an entertainer, you want to ensure that your audience has every reason to stay in your cam room.

Bring the Lights

No, you don’t need insane lighting kits to make for a decent show. Turn on OBS and check to see how you look. Especially look at your face and ensure where you plan to positioned, that you will appear in the light. Often times, placing a lamp behind you will help illuminate any darkness cast from behind.

Pro Tip: Also check your stream once it is live on a separate device if you can. How you are seen is also apart of your OBS settings but more on that later!


Wait, so what is OBS? It is a 100% free program that will allow you to connect to Fantasy Club Servers.

Please check out our OBS guide on how to connect if you are new to using it but we promise, it isn’t too hard.

Give A Once Over

Look around your room. Many streamers forget to move identifying items out of view of their camera. Picture frames, diplomas, dirty clothes, trash and really anything you don’t want to be seen. No matter if it is a new place you are streaming in or one you stream in often. Getting into the habit of ensuring that nothing is behind you is just wise to do!

Plan It Out

Plan out how you want your stream to go. Even if you are very spontaneous, plan out some stuff you can bring in to bring up the energy if things die down. Many streamers just sit and wait for viewers to talk.


Talk about things that are of interest to you, as if someone was there. Pretend that you are on the phone with one of your closest friends and talk about a subject matter of interest. You will come off as more engaging, more interesting and draw viewers to commentate or perhaps… change the subject for you!

Have items around your room that will catch the eye. Perhaps you have a poster of your favorite cartoon character or an interesting painting/statue. Having something that will spark conversation will lead to questions from viewers. Put things on display to get those viewers talking.

Check out our other posts about ideas to do while on cam to get customers interested but for now, try to plan out your streams as best you can!

Troll Be Gone!

A sad fact of the internet world? Not everyone is very nice. It is a reality those who choose to say nasty things are usually not very happy themselves. Bans and blocks are totally ok and you don’t have to accept any behavior in your room that makes you feel uncomfortable. Know that if something is particularly concerning, the Fantasy Club staff is here to assist you.

Set firm rules for your webcam room. What you won’t do, what you like to do, ways you prefer to be addressed etc. Most viewers will get with the program pretty quickly.

Above all else though, just stream! You won’t get used to it till you do and the best way to learn how is to JUST DO IT! If you need help, please feel free to reach out to the Fantasy Club Staff or join our Discord Chat!