12 Ideas for Your Next Livestream

It is time to livestream, but you don’t know what to do? Has the energy crashed for your show? Want to mix it up a bit? Need some ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Important to note: everything can be adapted. If something doesn’t fit you perfectly, just adjust it and take the parts that work for you.

Also, think about what you want to get out of your livestream. Sure money is GREAT but to get there, you have to develop a fan base. Sometimes a goal is to get more people talking, more people participating, more followers etc. Consider making your ‘rewards’ based around these metrics as well as cold hard King Cash.

ProTip – if you are even half decent with OBS, you can absolutely incorporate this into your overlays.

Let’s Play A Game

  1. Pick a board game. Use the same rules of the game but make the benefits be something you can deliver. If you roll and someone gets a Yahtzee, you could let them dictate what you do next. Make customers pay to play in the game but make sure that the prize is extremely enticing. Bonus points if you make it a limited time/quantity surprise!
  2. Random Chat Messages. Using any number generator website/app ( there are soo many and any one will do), whenever someone chats that number of times or that many lines of chat go by, you do something special!
  3. Scavenger Hunts. Dollar stores and thrift shops usually have very cheap items that you can hide around your cam room. When an item is found, you do something special for the room. Viewers can also pay for hints for what to look for.
  4. Card Games. A favorite is for models to select 5 cards and put in plain view of the camera. Viewers can pay to turn over the card and if they are a certain suit or number, then they get to decide what you do next. After all 5 are revealed, shuffle and place another 5 up.
  5. Blind Fold Me Not: Plan out a few tasks you can do (painting, drawing, dusting, folding clothes, sweeping) and allow viewers to blind fold you for a certain length of time. Of course ensure that it is safe to do so. You would be surprised how much fun, silly and engaging this can be.
  6. Make A Story: Awesome if you have a whiteboard but you dont have to have one. Write/make a story with your viewers. Have them suggest words that you have to weave together. Can be tipped or you can just let your chat collaborate with you.
  7. Ok, But Whose Line Is It? If you have watched Whose Line Is It Anyways, you maybe familiar with a segment where they take an object and they pretend it is something else for quick 2-5 second skits. This is easy to do and honestly fun, especially when the audience gives suggestions of what it could be.
  8. Mad Lips. Toss out a random sentence and have your viewers fill in whatever blanks you put in. You can also reverse this one and have them give you a sentence of blanks and you have to fill them in. Spice it up and also have them give you letters you have to have in the words you answer with or take away letters you cant use. Example: If I say you cant use the letter g, you couldn’t say ” I want to GLUE that together ” since it has a g in it.
  9. Draw/Paint/Color – We all know Bob Ross and no he wasn’t some random anomaly. Viewers love seeing others be creative, especially if they can give some input on the matter.
  10. Exercise – Whether you are a fitness guru, trying to get in shape or somewhere in the middle! It isn’t just sexy to watch someone burn up a sweat but fun to watch someone’s fitness journey. Why not monetize something you were planning on doing anyways?
  11. Cooking, Cleaning or really ANY housework – You don’t have to be Danny Tanner (Full House reference) to enjoy watching someone clean. Again, can be sexy… a whistle while you work or just plain ol get down to business. You are going to be doing it anyway and it can make the work go faster to have others to talk to and laugh with.
  12. Good Ol Video Games – you don’t have to be good. Repeat, you can absolutely be the worst at a game but as long as you are having fun… people will want to watch. For the most interaction, select games that others can join in and play with you.
  13. BONUS IDEA! Commentary. Got a niche that you love or topic that you adore. It will attract like minded people. You don’t even have to be an expert on the topic, but make sure you make it known. People love being helpful and will be willing to help you understand it.

Always been on the look out for things you can incorporate into your shows. Make sure it highlights your personality and the niches that you target.